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Batería AGM 55 AH 12 V
Batería AGM 55 AH 12 V
Batería AGM 55 AH 12 V
Batería AGM 55 AH 12 V

Batería AGM 55 AH 12 V

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- Marca: Chisol
- Modelo: Chisol -55-12v
- Dimensiones: 198 x 166 x 180 mm (L x W x H).
- Peso: 13,1kg.
- Voltaje 13,6v

Battery Model  6-GFM-55(12V55AH) 
Nominal Voltage    12V Rated Capacity 55Ah (20hour rate) to 10.80V/cell @25°C(77°F) 
Typical Weight    40kg Internal Resistance Approx 9.5mΩ 
Operating Temperature Range    Operation( maximum):  -40°C to 55°C(-40°F to 131°F)
Operation( recommended): 15°C to 25°C(59OF to 77°F)
 Storage:  -20°C to 40°C(-4 °F to 104°F) 
Float Voltage:  13.5--13.8V/cell@25°C(77°F) 
Charge Current:   5. 5A(Recommendation) 11. 0A(Maxmum) 
Equalize and Cycle Service:  14.6V~14.8.V/cell@25°C(77°F)
 Self Discharge:  The residual capacity is above 94% after 90 days storage(25°C/77°F) 
Terminal:  M6 Female Large Size Copper  Post &Nut
Terminal Hardware Torque   M5  6---7 ± 1.0Nm
M6  8---10 ± 1.0Nm
 M8  10---15 ± 1.0Nm 
Container Material  ABS (V0 optional)

- Aplicaciones Energía Solar – Eólica
- Recargable Sellada Libre Mantención

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